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The hairdo and understated dress Michelle Obama decided to wear to the Trump Inaugural, a decision that harkens back to how Martin Luther King’s symbolically understated his dress during the civil rights era to show solidarity with the poor and disenfranchised, was perhaps one of the most politically significant stories of the year. So why did the mainstream media fail to report it? My name is Vincenzo, and my Infinitely Independent Informer blog creates a forum to expose, examine and share information on stories precisely like this one, politically significant stories that are missed, deliberately ignored or reported in a biased manner.
The contentious political campaign, and the Trump electoral victory, exposed deep suspicions on how the mainstream media reports political news, how the lines between fact and opinion are sometimes deliberately blurred to match the political interests of a particular news outlet, and how a blog independent of the mainstream media may prove vital to the political process. For example, CNN reporters seem genuinely unaware, or perhaps unconcerned, that the viewing audience dismisses much of what they report as transparently biased in favor of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. Similarly, and in the interest of balance, Fox News, too, is often blatantly unbalanced in its reporting on the opposite side of the political spectrum in favor of the conservative agenda. What gives with the dichotomy? Claims of media bias, fake news and the manipulation of public opinion are matters of extreme urgency given the gravity of the issues at play. There is indeed a long list of important stories or issues the mainstream media miss, deliberately ignore, misrepresent, or obfuscate potentially exposing instances of media bias not noticed elsewhere. Tracking these stories may allow us to reach some fairly important conclusions about the issues and how they are reported outside of the editorial control of a particular news outlet and its hidden agenda.
Growing up in New York City, I have always been fascinated by the role media plays in our daily lives. The wide variety of ways news was reported while I was growing up, whether it was in the tabloids with catchy headlines, radio, television, the ticker at One Times Square, billboards or other forms of communication, made me conscious of not only how news breaks constantly throughout the day, but how the various publications compete for the attention of the consumer with the styles they decide to use to report it. In many respects, the fast paced environment, and the competition for the dollar, created a cacophony of news reporting, and the cacophony made me quite aware that the same stories were reported quite differently depending on the publication, and this introduced the idea of media bias. Now, as a Mass Communication major at Xavier University, I have become conversant with many of the tool of the trade, and one of the huge advantages of blogging is it invites interaction and feedback, a lively environment for political debate. Oh, and a simple comparison of the photos showing how elegantly dressed Michelle Obama was for her husband’s inaugurations with the photos of how her hair was not professionally styled for the Trump inauguration tells the story of her negative view of Trump’s brand of politics.


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