Rap Artists Dave East and G Herbo to Headline Xavier’s Springfest 2017

By Vincenzo Ciccone

NEW ORLEANS, La – New rap artists Dave East and G Herbo are set to headline the Springfest 2017 concert on the indoor stage at Xavier’s Convocation Center this Saturday, April 1. Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Admission is free for Xavier students.

These performers may not be as familiar to listeners as last year’s headliner, Thug G, but their mellifluous rap lyrics capturing urban street life stories and the bleak realities of an entire generation entrapped in a seemingly endless confluence of unfortunate circumstances generate millions of followers on social media. They are certainly exciting new performers, perhaps the next best thing in the rap game, and must see entertainment.

A warning to the uninitiated is in order. This music is not 1960s rhythm and blues of Motown played on scratchy vinyl or spiritually uplifting Gospel.

The work of Dave East and G Herbo is raw, sometimes crude, always cocky and usually vulgar. It is also often gifted art, a music of catchy beats, driving bass lines, and compelling narratives, but the obligatory references to women as sex objects, raw vulgarity liberally adorned with “nigga” this and “nigga” that often seem like they are racing against the charisma of a deejay casting a spell over an audience by spitting rhymes into a microphone on a bare stage. The music is all of these things at once in a style unique to rap and probably more.

David Brewster Jr., whose stage name is Dave East, is originally from Harlem. He got his break in the rap business when his mix tape, “Black Rose,” attracted the interest of Nas’ Mass Appeal Records, according to the artist’s Facebook page. In 2016, his popular song, “Cut It,” rose to number nine on the Billboard Twitter Real Time Chart.

Herbert Wright, 21, from the Eastside of Chicago, uses the stage name G Herbo. His style of rap music can best be described as elaborate graffiti set to the beats of advanced rap music, according to the artist’s Facebook page.

Gabriel, who declined to identify himself, was not impressed by the music. “I would say this concert is not going to be as good as last year’s concert. At least Thug G had a few popular songs.”

Preston was similarly unimpressed, “the concert won’t be as good as last year’s concert for obvious reasons, but at least it’s free.”Listeners are invited to attend the concert and draw their own conclusions.




(Sign right outside the Convocation Center)

sign 2

(Convocation Center)

Listeners are invited to attend the concert and draw their own conclusions.


Dave East Videos:

“30 N***az”


“Push It”


“Party Monstor”


G Herbo Videos:

“Ben Havin”


“Pull Up”



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