Storify Experience

Storify produces a converged media opportunity to enrich the presentation of a story by collecting, organizing and accessing source information spread across cyberspace and integrating and reducing that sprawling information to the same page as the story content. This tool essentially offers a forum to converge all Internet source information, including social media, onto the same page as the story content, and this speeds the audience’s access to this information. It is superior to the swiftly obsolete method of clicking around the Internet to research and access information by using a mouse and a search engine. Instead, Storify creates an entirely new interactive reality for the originators of content and the audiences they seek to reach.

I think Storify, and tools like it, will become one stop options arranged by content to plug into social media and other Internet sources as they relate to a particular story’s content. I wrote a story comparing the dismal recovery efforts following tornadoes in Norman, Oka. and New Orleans East. Storify presents a useful way to parallel the discussion of the facts of these natural disasters, which are really quite similar in many startling ways. Storify works to magnify the comparison because the images of the parallels appear together on the same page, and the immediate ability of the user to switch from one source to another source without the delay associated with using search engines or browsing hyperlinks increases the speed and ease the audience may switch from content to attribution or allusion, and this creates a new way to tell a story.

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