Improvements to Xavier’s University Center Seen

By Vincenzo Ciccone

NEW ORLEANS, La – A student at Xavier University of Louisiana has seen dramatic improvements to the quality of life at the campus’s University Center over the years – especially when it comes to the food sold there.


“I think the cafeteria doesn’t have prison food anymore,” said Kyle Montrel, a senior majoring in English at the school. “My first two years it was pretty terrible, but now it has improved. They actually have real food. The burgers used to be terrible. Now, they’re actually making the burgers of real meat.”

The improvements to the menu at the cafeteria in the University Center include more options on the retail side, like a variety of muffins, cakes, salads, snacks and other nutritious food groups. Members of the community can purchase food on the go as an alternative to eating off campus, according to Ashanti Taylor, who works on campus as Sodexo’s on site retail supervisor.

The improvements at the University Center encompass more than making higher quality food options available. They also involve a facelift to the physical plant. “We changed our entire appearance,” Taylor added. “Most people don’t have to leave campus now to get lunch. You just come here and grab something.” This facelift makes the overall dining experience more pleasant and raises the quality of life on campus.

Kevin Foster, a senior majoring in political science at Xavier, agrees, but with reservations. “The wider variety food options, but that’s something we should have had in the beginning. The expanded hours of the cafeteria are better for students. We need more space available for students to sit and the University Center needs to play a larger role in housing student offices,” said Foster.

The improvements were paid for by Sodexo in partnership with the University, except the University had the final say in approving the plans, according to Taylor.

The consequences of the improvements to the community, including the benefits, are not matters taken lightly by either the University or Sodexo. Officials regularly monitor progress at the University Center arising from the improvements and take this information into account on how operations are conducted there, according to Taylor.

“We run our reports on the morning shift and the night shift,” Taylor said. “They show great improvement.”

Montrel agrees the cafeteria food menu has improved “in terms of variety” and presents the community with an alternative to dining off campus. However, he mentioned there are areas still in need of further improvement.

“I think they should lower the expense of the submarine sandwiches” he said. “It’s too expensive. They should lower the cost within the community.”



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Ashanti Taylor, Sodexo’s retail supervisor, talks to Vincenzo Ciccone about the improvements to the menu at the cafeteria in Xavier’s University Center.¨



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