By Vincenzo Ciccone


WRITER JALISSA LATSON, a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana, is a professional communicator . She blogs for a site called Saint Heron, where she enjoys a diverse audience. She acknowledges that at least some of the issues of importance to writers for centuries continue to challenge her as a blogger today – including the “need to develop your voice as a writer,” conducting “research,” and sharing her “beliefs” with the audience. Our interview presents an interesting profile on not only how to develop as a professional blogger, but on how to make the transition from a college student at Xavier to a writer making meaningful contributions on social media.

How did you begin blogging?

I began blogging in college, and I think to begin you have to not only develop your voice as a writer, but also do your research. This means seeing what other people are writing about, looking at different types of blogs, all while practicing your craft.

What is importance of your blog?

My personal blog (which I plan on re-launching soon) was an outlet for me to write about things that I think are worth addressing, and that was its importance to me. A platform for me to share my beliefs while also incorporating facts, images, videos, etc.

What is the importance of blogging for Saint Heron?

Blogging for Saint Heron has allowed me to publish work, to network and to grow as a writer. I’ve been writing for SH a little over a year, and I can definitely say that I’ve evolved immensely.

Do you consider yourself a professional communicator, and how did you build your audience?

After graduating from Xavier’s Mass Communication program, I definitely think I’m a professional communicator. I think I really have been able to build my audience through Saint Heron because the site itself attracts so many different kinds of people. I also think that dedicating time to my writing has allowed me to build an audience.

larissa( Jalissa Latson and Vincenzo Ciccone)

saint-heron( Part of the page Jalissa edits “Saint Heron”)



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